Top 3 Best 2nd Gen Ram Led Headlights

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Advantage of 2nd Gen RAM LED Headlight

Obviously LED has advantage over Halogen as they are bright and long life as compared to halogen. LEDs are cooler and does not produce much heat. And lifecycle of the LEDs are better and cost of replacing them   is not as frequent. Moreover if you replace it with the 2nd Generation RAM Led headlight then it will give you double advantage than the previous version of the light, as they are more compact in size and slightly better brighter than last version of the light.

Buying Guide?

  • Just play and plug operation make is easier to replace and it really does not require drilling. 
  • Some of the listed products comes with complete assembly.
  • Check the product description such as working temperature. 
  • Lights comes in pair, so check the product description for the same.
  • Brighter is better, thus go for it.


Installation is quite easier if you follow the instruction carefully. Sometimes it is complicated if you will not clean the area properly. Look wise, these are better in appearance, brightness and build quality. 

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