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Costco Samsung Soundbars

Why you should buy Samsung Sound bar

Soundbars is the one of the essential product you should have if you really want to enjoy the quality music at home. The Samsung Soundbar comes with multiple channels, Subwoofer channels and surround system. Moreover they are very much compatible with any types of television including OLED, QLED and 4k ultra.

How to Connect the Costco Samsung Soundbar to TV

You can use the HDMI cable to connect to product bottom of the HDMI IN jack of your TV. After you can click the button of the sounder or use the remote to control it. Moreover you can also connect the soundbar using the Digital Audio optical. As mentioned in the user manual, Optical Cable is the best option to connect to your TV.

If you face any problem playing and sound is not coming out then make sure you have not muted. Also, make sure your Television is set to external speaker.

Why I should buy Samsung Soundbars from Costco

Costco offers great discount ranges from 15% to 30% on Samsung Soundbars and also offer warranty as provided by the Samsung.

Is there any discount available on Costco

You can directly contact to store or visit the site to know more about it.

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