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Why you should buy Sig p365 light ?

There are new model of TLR-6 for Sig Sauer P365 weapons which delivers whopping 100 lumens & 2K candela over a beam distance of 89 mtr. This consist three lighting features; one is Laser only, second one is LED only and third one is Laser and LED mode. They also comes with an advanced feature; where all models shut off after 10 minutes to save battery power.

What is the property of Sig P365 light?
The light is produced from a tough, durable and impact resistance engineered polymer. It is a water proof and impact resistance. The product is available streetlight’s limited life time warranty.

Which are the best Sip P365 Lights

We have provided a list of top Sip P365 light, you can pick according to your need.

Company Brief

It is Streamlight Inc. company product, and it has more than 45 years of experience in the field of making flashlights. The company offers a broad array of lights, weapons, laser sighing device and professional solutions to military, firefighters, automative and many more.

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