Gigantic space rock 2021 EQ3 zoomed securely past Earth

An especially large space rock passed by Earth especially close on March 15. The flyby was totally protected and didn’t represent any danger to any person or thing on Earth, or to any of our satellites. In any case, space rock 2021 EQ3 came nearer to Earth than our solitary regular satellite.

By and large. The greater part of these space rocks are only a couple meters across, likely making them no bigger than a transport.

Space rock 2021 EQ3, nonetheless, had an expected width somewhere in the range of 17 and 38 meters (55 to 124 feet). That makes it about the very size as the meteoroid that pummeled into the climate above Russia in 2013, making a stun wave that smothered great many windows in the city of Chelyabinsk underneath, harming hundreds.

2021 EQ3 passed nearest above us at generally 9:45 p.m. PT, a good ways off of around 173,000 miles (278,000 kilometers) – that is 72% of the separation from the Earth to the moon.

This makes 2021 EQ3 the second biggest item to come nearer than the moon in 2021.

It’s additionally not the same as 2001 FO32, which is a flat out beast with a distance across around a mile. That space rock passed by on March 21, yet a good ways off multiple times farther away than the moon.

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Explanation, March 22 at 5:44 p.m. PT: The timestamp on a prior adaptation of this story proposed this space rock would fly recent week later than it. It zoomed past Earth securely on March 15. Find out about the later space rock, 2001 FO32, here.

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